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congratulations to this awesome senior! 




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madelyn, senior  


madelyn, beautiful name, beautiful smile.

thank you median family, this is my 2nd awesome medina senior to photograph

congratulations on graduation, and congratulations on continuing your soccer career in college!

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Lucy, Class of 2018  


meet lucy. a beautiful smile, high school senior, basketball player, and both sand/court volleyball player!

our family has known lucy since grade school, she has been in school with our son all these wonderful years. it was my

pleasure to take these images to honor her senior year and graduation.

this was a blast and lucy made it so easy.


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Ostrich Festival 2018  


It is March, which means it's officially Spring Break season which also brings the annual Ostrich Festival to town!

Thank you so much the City of Chandler Chamber of Commerce for allowing me to photograph 

this fan favorite, annual event. 

I had a blast going twice to contrast/compare images during high sun and empty with sunset images and filled with the public; 

capturing the crowd on opening day. 


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Girls Tennis  

Tennis season! Good luck ACP Girls Tennis!


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Spring Senior Athletes


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track and field 3/7  

bigger field yesterday so i apologize for not capturing more field events! next meet for sure!

great job both girls and boys relay team-1st place both teams and connor dossman 1st place boys mile




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boys volleyball  

so much fun to watch boys! 

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sand volleyball  

this was fun and in the beautiful great outdoors! 

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1st Track N Field Meet  

sunny and crisp day for acp first track meet

acp knights were awesome! lots of individual and team wins and records for the school


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State 2018  


state 2018 acp knights wrestling

congrats to medal placers!

this is my last post of wrestling and it saddens me greatly. what can i say,

i will miss this sport and these kiddos i've grown so fond of.

good luck seniors! exciting times ahead and more food!



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2018 Sectionals  


very successful day at mogollon high school for acp wrestling

7 wrestlers medalled to qualify them for the state championship next weekend

four seniors are on their way to state to celebrate their final year of high school wrestling

congratulations to underclassmen jad, kellen, & sebastian

congratulations to seniors davoren, korosh, hadi, & yousuf 




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senior night  


biggest class of seniors in the history of the program

i'll miss wrestling and this group, as davoren has been wrestling with 

coach since 7th grade, my memories are long. troy also wrestled with coach in jr high and came back

to join the team his senior year. danny, also a jr high veteran, despite his injury,  has remained

with the team as a manager, coach, and supportive team member.

best wishes to all: derek, korosh, hadi, and yousuf, it has been so much fun

getting to know you all for the last 4 years.

coach bigelow, rockstar, they run to him as he walks into the gym!

gift to the seniors, class of 18 socks

class of '17 rida, comes to support the team!

don't fly away yousuf!



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ironwood tournament  

tough competition at this tournament but the best way to expose all wrestling levels to the sport

so proud of the entire team wrestling up, wrestling more experienced, and wrestling awesome

go knights!

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outdoor meet 1/18  


outdoor meet hosted by cpa, hot at first but quickly cooled off

successful day for the knights as well! 


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Dysart Tournament Day 2  


championship round on day 2 was so exciting as acp had 7 wrestlers wrestling for medal placement.

jad placed 1st. joseph, davoren, korosh, & yousuf placed 2nd. sebastian 4th place. jonathan placed 5th

congratulations acp!

team placed 3rd in team in our wrestling A group! 




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Dysart Tournament Day 1  


great day acp wrestlers! great exposure for new varsity members and freshman!

keep up the good work, work hard, work even harder!

go knights!

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birthday girl  


twenty! wow, time flies, our 1st born is now 20 years old!

happy birthday!!


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big 20 coming up and annual tradition of portraits insue

as i stated on her personal app (ask me how to get one) joyeux 20ème anniversaire!


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celebrate 2018  


always fun to decorate for the new year with glitter, fun to document the color & splendor



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