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fall sports are here and these seniors are ready! had a fun

afternoon capturing some team and individual images for sports banners 

looking forward to a very exciting 2017-18 season!



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annual acp pool party 2017  

fun evening last night celebrating back to school and acp families

acp booster and volunteers did a fantastic job

setting up and serving a lot of people. no one went hungry, i was serving

so i didn't capture how much food was brought. it was incredible.

we avoided the monsoons! no rain or wind or dust last night, just sunny with puffy clouds.

the kids were so much fun to watch, some of the diving shots are blurry, i forgot to change my ss

in between stills and action but they are still fun to look at.




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lopez 2017  

lopez island with a splash of seattle, washington park

always a treat to travel to lopez, i have many images and blog 

posts to prove it

our souvenirs are always photographs and one or 2 special rocks from skipping rock beach or pirates cove 


first time we've seen fog on the ferry


beautiful olympics

pirates cove

skipping rock beach

example of the perfect skipping rock

sea glass art by jim

images from washington park - st rainier

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hood river 2017  


beautiful hood river 2017. while here, we were able to view both mt hood and mt adams simultaneously! definitely a highlight to view two majestic mountains at the same time. 

summer travels are so much fun, esp in cooler temps that require a sweatshirt at sundown for us desert dwellers.

our house, perched on a hill, over looking a pear orchard and surrounded by rolling hills of orchards, colloquially called the "fruit loop."

while enjoying the beautiful views of orchards, we drove to fruit stands to sample and buy yummy treats,

watched amazing sunsets, and sang old tunes by the campfire with friends.





mid day mt hood

sunset, mt hood

mt adams

turn 180 & its mt hood

mt hood



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summer portraits  

home from college & in between relaxing and her 1st summer job/paid internship

golden hour portraits for the win


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i wanted to make brownies & i didn't have a mix & i didn't want to

go to the store, so i made my own mix from scratch


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grad party!!  

her mom refers to her as "their firecracker"; a perfect description. steph is always smiling, dancing, 

and huge fan of all that is harry potter (most amazing cake i've ever seen)

steph is loved by many which is evident in the fact that so many of her friends were in

attendance to celebrate with her. her family from both home and across the country came 

to honor her graduation and her future as a u of a wildcat.








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ACP Graduation 2017  


congratulations acp knights, class of 2017

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birthday boy  

may is always a busy month for our family which include

this guys birthday! 

one year older, one year better - love you and 

happy birthday


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Coach H surprise 50th  

our beloved wrestling coach turns the big 5 0 next week so naturally

we needed to surprise him, at school, in the weight room!

the boys welcomed him in (after 2 coaches lied to get him there by telling him 

the weight room was a wreck) by making a tunnel, it was awesome!

 thank you all for keeping the secret, and most of all,

happy 50th birthday coach



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ACP 2016-17 Awards  

annual hs awards night at acp! another high energy filled evening of awards 

to the hard working & high achieving student body of acp erie.

congrats to all and a special congratulations to the class of 2017. 


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2017 senior and family  

i had the pleasure of taking portraits of this gorgeous senior and her very lovely family

this past (very windy) weekend.

congratulations dani, class of 2017






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spring portraits  

won't lie, i was so stoked when he agreed so easily to have more portraits taken-

i wanted practice with my new cam



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new camera more spike ball  


perfect excuse to use my new toy (camera) i switched between al servo and one shot fast shutter. 

once it became dark, i tested the iso which i already knew was incredible, is simply stunning.





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senior 2017  

harry potter lover, saxophone player, future medical examiner, this is stephanie, class of 2017

beau chance u of a is lucky to have you






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Prom 2017  

i had a great time photographing this group. yesterday for their junior and senior prom.  in hues of blue and the gorgeous backdrop of camelback mountain

these guys had fun (humored me with the jump and confetti, thank you) posing for the big dance.





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beautiful botanical gardens  

we used to go all the time, several times a year in fact, we took a long awaited trip yesterday and it is beautiful as ever




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spring senior part II  

say hello to caleb again! first seen last fall in football gear during his final hs football season (went on to

win state championship btw) now we meet again for spring senior photo's

congrats caleb, class of 2017



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ACP Varsity Wrestling Banquet  

knights wrestling celebrated their 2016-17 last night with delicious food, great teammates, and friends

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ACP Jr High EVC 2017  

great end of the season for acp knights jr high wrestlers! 3RD PLACE TEAM and 7 Medal Winners

congratulations! go knights! 

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