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away game vs. veritas prep

some images brighter than others, lighting was spotty at best

never takes away from the subjects though!

go knights


s c o r e !

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visit to the older child and college tour for younger

dc always fun, but not as many images this trip as i forgot to change my dead battery! 


en route


i phone images (mid day sun & i phone, not happy)

one of our fav monuments, fdr

after this view we continued onto the holocaust museum, our 2nd family visit to museum, d was only 5 the first time & didn't remember


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ACP Football 9-29  

home game vs antelope union hs

exciting home game for knights fans! 



this player was amazing and hugged random knights players after the whistle 

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ACP Jr High EVC  


both 7th & 8th grade girls fought hard 

in yesterday's east valley conference championships

fun to watch great job girls! go knights!


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ACP Varsity VolleyBall 9-25  


3rd home meet for girls volleyball and another senior night honoree: Megan!

great sweep for varsity

go knights!

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HOCO Dance  


looking' good! this was a lot of fun, thank you all







and a couple images yooro took with my 2nd camera

behind the scenes fun 



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ACP HOCO Tail Gate & Game 9-22  


homecoming week for acp knights finished with a busy friday;

tailgate party, crowing of homecoming royalty, & football!

brava to the talented performers who shared their artistry with all of us at the tail gate patty. 

and a big thank you to stugo for the fun tail gate activities-great job!


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ACP Girls Varsity Volleyball 9-19  

another senior night celebration, this time a black out, for lucy! 

great sweep for acp knights volleyball

go knights!


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ACP Girls JV/Varsity Volleyball 9-18  

1st home game for jv & varsity girls volleyball

exciting night, colored with tie dye to celebrate senior madi & a surprise homeproposal!

great win for both teams - go knights! 


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ACP Football 9-15 1/2  

1 of 2 posts

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !

1st touch down and 1st win happened last night; away game vs. scottsdale prep

acp knights football final:  25 - 0

congrats to coach blu, knights players, and entire coaching staff, way to go!

(don't forget to check out 2nd blog entry!)




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ACP Football 9-15 2/2  

2nd of 2 posts

part 2 acp vs. scottsdale prep

2nd half & celebration


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ACT, dinner, & fantasy football draft ACT study group, dinner, fantasy football draft, & spike ball all in one afternoon

fun to host these young men


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1ST ACP Badminton Match  


acp has a new sport and it is girls badminton! 

i've never photographed badminton before so it was great that they practiced ahead of their

matches which allowed me to see how fast the sport is.

couldn't quite catch the shuttlecock so I solely focused on the girls. 

go knights! 





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2nd home game acp knights 8-25-17  


theme neon!

actually after dark it helped with shooting, the bright colors really popped and illuminated the students.

even though it was a loss i was so impressed with the level of school spirit throughout the entire game,

the announcer, the students, & the spirit line never quit cheering on the knights, it was awesome.



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FIRST ACP Football Game  


first football game for acp knights ever! it was a hot evening but that didn't prevent family and friends 

from attending and cheering on the new knights football team.

we were also joined by Dr.. Camille Casteel, Superintendent of CUSD and Dr. Craig Gilbert, Assistant Superintendent Secondary Ed

both Dr. Casteel and Dr. Gilbert were in attendance to celebrate cusd's newest team and for Superintendent Casteel's coin toss

thank you both for celebrating with us!

(bit rusty on football photography so some may be a bit blurry but including anyway)


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fall senior athletes  

fall sports are here and these seniors are ready! had a fun

afternoon capturing some team and individual images for sports banners 

looking forward to a very exciting 2017-18 season!

i will be adding as teams/athletes get their images taken 

please check back

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annual acp pool party 2017  

fun evening last night celebrating back to school and acp families

acp booster and volunteers did a fantastic job

setting up and serving a lot of people. no one went hungry, i was serving

so i didn't capture how much food was brought. it was incredible.

we avoided the monsoons! no rain or wind or dust last night, just sunny with puffy clouds.

the kids were so much fun to watch, some of the diving shots are blurry, i forgot to change my ss

in between stills and action but they are still fun to look at.




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lopez 2017  

lopez island with a splash of seattle, washington park

always a treat to travel to lopez, i have many images and blog 

posts to prove it

our souvenirs are always photographs and one or 2 special rocks from skipping rock beach or pirates cove 


first time we've seen fog on the ferry


beautiful olympics

pirates cove

skipping rock beach

example of the perfect skipping rock

iPhone images

sea glass art by jim

images from washington park - st rainier

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hood river 2017  


beautiful hood river 2017. while here, we were able to view both mt hood and mt adams simultaneously! definitely a highlight to view two majestic mountains at the same time. 

summer travels are so much fun, esp in cooler temps that require a sweatshirt at sundown for us desert dwellers.

our house, perched on a hill, over looking a pear orchard and surrounded by rolling hills of orchards, colloquially called the "fruit loop."

while enjoying the beautiful views of orchards, we drove to fruit stands to sample and buy yummy treats,

watched amazing sunsets, and sang old tunes by the campfire with friends.





mid day mt hood

sunset, mt hood

mt adams

turn 180 & its mt hood

mt hood



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summer portraits  

home from college & in between relaxing and her 1st summer job/paid internship

golden hour portraits for the win


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