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ACP Knights at the 2 day Titan Invitational

The Knights secured a team trophy at 2nd place

and 9 medal winners overall

congratulations to all of the wrestlers and coaching staff!

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Winter Senior Athletes  

winter season has begun! i will be adding teams to this, be sure to check back


boys varsity basketball


girls varsity soccer

love that each player wore a different school color

girls varsity basketball

varsity wrestling 



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ACP Wrestling Tournament Dec. 1-2  

first tournament of the season at bhs, jerry benson invitational

excellent showing of all wrestlers, congratulations on tournament placers!




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ACP Wrestling Home Meet 11/28  


1st meet of the season at home, great place to be for individual wins and two team wins over nwc and vc. 




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thanksgiving football  i'm so glad i tagged along to document this, i even got to play a bit

apologies for including the last three images

this was a blast!


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celebrating 16!  

fun afternoon celebrating this teens sixteenth birthday and sweet new ride!


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november spikeball  

my nickname for hadi is "diver" you'll see why

and look out for the flames on yousuf's lethal serve

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Winter Senior Athletes  


Senior Winter Season Athletes 


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ACPVB at State  

acp girls volleyball had an amazing undefeated season which earned them a spot in the state playoffs!

this was so much to document all season, every player should be proud! 

1st round state championship 2A 

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 our son, also known as bubby;  is 17 today!

a senior, varsity wrestler, & all around good boy

happy S E V E N T E E N T H birthday!



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ACP Girls Varsity VBall  

senior night

U N D E F E A T E D !

final game for girls varsity volleyball. 3-0 win tonight and off to the  playoffs next friday

congratulations to all seniors tonight, team manager, players, & XC Troy Gilchrist 

congratulations and go knights 


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senior portraits  

meet this gorgeous and accomplished senior! she made this such a fun and easy photo session. 




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ACP Girls Varsity Volleyball Halloween  

what a fun halloween theme game tonight, you guys went all out. i love halloween so this was double the fun to document.

and of course, still undefeated, way to go varsity on tonight's win!

this game was also broadcast live by video arts students, very cool, thank you mr lindstrom






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ACP Senior Night Oct. 20th  


acp celebrates football, pep band, & spirit line seniors!

fun night of pink and school spirit

go knights!


sideline spirit!

lighting models, thank you

fav wrestlers 




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ACP Football 10-13  


away game vs. veritas prep

some images brighter than others, lighting was spotty at best

never takes away from the subjects though!

go knights


s c o r e !

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visit to the older child and college tour for younger

dc always fun, but not as many images this trip as i forgot to change my dead battery! 


en route


i phone images (mid day sun & i phone, not happy)

one of our fav monuments, fdr

after this view we continued onto the holocaust museum, our 2nd family visit to museum, d was only 5 the first time & didn't remember


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ACP Football 9-29  

home game vs antelope union hs

exciting home game for knights fans! 



this player was amazing and hugged random knights players after the whistle 

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ACP Jr High EVC  


both 7th & 8th grade girls fought hard 

in yesterday's east valley conference championships

fun to watch great job girls! go knights!


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ACP Varsity VolleyBall 9-25  


3rd home meet for girls volleyball and another senior night honoree: Megan!

great sweep for varsity

go knights!

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HOCO Dance  


looking' good! this was a lot of fun, thank you all







and a couple images yooro took with my 2nd camera

behind the scenes fun 



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