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ACP Football 8-17-18

August 18, 2018
football season is here! first official game for the knights, last night vs. cpa
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my bday

July 06, 2018
bday fun museum, bianco & photo's
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summer light

June 11, 2018
this was fun and big thanks to ms k! i was worried about the temps but we really lucked out, it was breezy & 'cool' lol esp next to the corn field
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graduation 2018

June 03, 2018
it is here and i 'cannot believe it' but i accept it. lol. youngest child is now a high school graduate and onto his college, adult life. it doesn't take long for this...
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ACP High School Graduation 2018 BLOG 1

May 31, 2018
W O W! ~ 1 of 2 entries ~ what a fun, and fantastic celebration honoring the class of 2018 it was a blast capturing the events of the evening i have fantastic memories...
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