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football season is here! first official game for the knights, last night vs. cpa



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my bday  


bday fun 

museum, bianco & photo's 

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summer light  


this was fun and big thanks to ms k!

i was worried about the temps but we really lucked out, it was breezy & 'cool' lol

esp next to the corn field 


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graduation 2018  

it is here and i 'cannot believe it' but i accept it. lol. 

youngest child is now a high school graduate and onto his college, adult life. 

it doesn't take long for this time to arrive, it sure sneaks up. 

i will miss the daily activity of making photographs of our kids lives

but change brings new opportunities.

this is just a small look at my view of the week.

~ 2 0 1 8 ~



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ACP High School Graduation 2018 BLOG 1  


                                 W O W !     ~ 1 of 2  entries ~

what a fun, and fantastic celebration honoring the class of 2018

it was a blast capturing the events of the evening 

i have fantastic memories of acp oakland (both kiddos) and erie for my son

acp will always be a very special place, it is simply an amazing school.

C ON G R A T U L A T I O N S to an incredible class that is moving on to college

and moving on to further their successful educational careers. i cannot wait to hear

all that you accomplish and experience. 


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ACP High School Graduation 2018 BLOG 2  

~ 2 of 2 ~

welcome to blog 2.0 of last nights wonderful acp graduation, class of 2018


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graduation celebration  


2nd child is graduating!

he wanted the guys over for swim and burgers, i threw in a few decorations

thank you to crew for joining us

congratulations to all of you.


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class of 2018 official 'clap out'  



so many hugs and tears today as the acp class of 2018 had their 

official last day 'clap out' by students and faculty!

i've gotten to know so many of these awesome young adults, i love them 

and will miss documenting their activities throughout the year as i have done 

the past 4 years.

these images are for all of you to have! enjoy and congrats!




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ACP Jr High Awards  

last night acp erie honored their 7th and 8th grades accomplishments 

and celebrated the 8th grade with their promotion on to high school

fun evening and a lot of smiles, congratulations to all! 


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2018 ACP HS Awards  

awards knight for acp erie, honoring students and they're many accomplishments

of this school year. highlighting the class of 2018 seniors, their awards,

accomplishments, and future studies.

as i always strive to capture each student sometimes the images are too blurry or blocked

 i sincerely apologize. the good news is i have graduation evening to capture all these 

smiling faces once again.

congratulations award winners and the class of 2018!






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soccer senior  

this gorgeous grad is on her way to continue her soccer career in college!

this was a fun session and once again, these seniors make my job so much fun and easy!

congratulations kam, class of 2018







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Impact Scholarship Awards 2018  


It was a lovely evening celebrating and honoring ACP honorees receiving Impact Scholarships

created by the Chandler Education Foundation

Congratulations to these awesome seniors! 

CEF had several photographers in attendance I managed to grab a few as well. 



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day trip: pete & portland  

had a fun day traveling to portland to see a favorite photographer pete souza!

few images from our day


view from lunch 



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'big y' graduation party  

first graduation party of the season

this young man is a special friend to our son and a member of our family

we've known yousuf since the boys' were in 9th grade. we've gotten to know

him quite well as he was a wrestler with our son for four years and has spent

many evenings playing games at our house. 

congratulations yousuf, class of 2018

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Boys Volleyball Home Game  

On a winning streak! ACP Boys Volley ball wins again and at home,

great job boys! 

Congrats to senior Istvan on his game night



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ananya, senior  

this is ananya, a talented, tennis playing senior i've had the pleasure to get to know while volunteering at acp

she is a sweet and motivated senior who plans on studying medicine when she starts her college career.

i simply loved taking these images & so excited to capture her in her beautiful saree

congratulations senior, class of 2018


hummingbird decided to say hello to ananya

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spring family portraits  

this past weekend i had the pleasure of working with this very photogenic and incredibly nice

family. this was fun and served a few purposes: family portraits, senior portraits, and missionary

portraiture for the soon to be missionary.

congratulations on graduation and on your upcoming mission. thank you for allowing me

to photograph your awesome family.



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track & field 3/21  

more field events!! fun to photograph and learning curve for me, loved it all!

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kimmy class of 2018  


congratulations to this awesome senior! 




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madelyn, senior  


madelyn, beautiful name, beautiful smile.

thank you median family, this is my 2nd awesome medina senior to photograph

congratulations on graduation, and congratulations on continuing your soccer career in college!

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